Special Balancing Machines

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  1. Retarder Balancing Machines

    • Driven by universal coupling
    • Can quip with drilling or milling device
    • Special designed machine for retarder do overall balance
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  2. New Energy Motor Special Balancing Machines

    • Belt driving structure decreased tolerance which caused by fixture
    • Equip with power-head weight-removing device
    • Special pneumatic fastening device for clamp workpiece
    • Specially designed for new energy motor, vehicles motor etc overall balance
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  3. Ceiling Fan Light Balancing Machines

    • Special designed mechanical module
    • soft bearing bracket which bring higher precision
    • special customized fixture can fix workpiece with fast collect
    • Mainly used for doing overall balance of ceiling fan light
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  4. Treadmill Motor Complete Assemblies Balancing Machines

    • Driven by treadmill rotor own self motor
    • Equip with horizontal drilling machine,can do balance correction directly, no need unloading
    • Special designed machine for treadmill motor assembly
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  5. Vacuum Impeller Balancing Machines

    • Vertical structure with pneumatic fixture
    • Equip with cutting machine, achieve pneumatic lip cut
    • 680D touch screen with auto-positioning function
    • Special machine designed for vacuum cleaner impeller
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